What to Expect:

Sessions will take place in your home or on location during daylight hours. Ideally we will shoot outdoors in the morning or afternoon - or indoors in a spot with plenty of natural light. Shoots tend to unfold organically to avoid feeling "posed” and are relaxed and natural. My goal is to capture individual personality, atmosphere and interpersonal dynamics without anyone feeling pressured or self-conscious. If young children are involved, our time is flexible with a priority to ensure their needs are met and everyone is comfortable.

Newborn sessions take place in your home preferably within first 14 days of delivery. Scheduling should be done early in the pregnancy to reserve a time slot around your due date.

What to Wear:

Wear clothing that reflects your personality, although busy patterns, writing and logos are discouraged for they distract from the subject. If there are several people, it is advised to keep your clothing simple and within the same or similar palette. For babies and newborns, a onesie, a diaper or nothing at all.

Props and locations reflecting your personality and interests are encouraged. We can discuss this during time of booking.